Miracle in Houston – Largest USA Crusade To Date for Reinhard Bonnke & Daniel Kolenda

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Dear friend,

What a mighty God we serve!  We are rejoicing at what just took place at the Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade at the BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, TX.  Despite complications caused by the threat of event-cancelling storms, I am thrilled to report to you that we had our most fruitful USA Gospel Crusade to-date. 

Saturday night, just minutes before the crusade, we were looking at 85% chance of thunderstorms throughout the evening.  We prayed and moved forward in faith and the rain never came!  Reinhard Bonnke was able to preach the Gospel in beautiful weather and clear skies.  Again, what a mighty God we serve!

Over the two nights, a total of 27,034 people came together for worship and a powerful Word.  Both nights, hundreds of people hurried to the altars to make a decision to follow Jesus as Savior after hearing the red-hot Gospel message preached by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.  

We are praising the Lord for the 2,750 people who responded to the call of salvation and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at the Houston crusade.

The crusade committee and CfaN team are busy even now working to connect these precious people into the participating local churches for follow-up and discipleship.  What a privilege to see people move from darkness into His marvelous light!

Each night after the call for salvation, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda prayed that God would heal those that needed a touch in their bodies.  Hundreds upon hundreds testified of being healed instantly by the power of God!

God truly is moving across America. Thank you tremendously for praying and standing with us as we believe and endeavor for America to be saved.  Your continued support is so appreciated as we prepare for the next event – the  Great Lakes Gospel Crusade in the city of Chicago on June 26-28 at the Allstate Arena.

Please pray with us as we are laboring in His harvest fields during this critical hour.

For His Glory,

Russell K Benson
Executive Crusade Director North America
Christ for all Nations

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  • Evangelist Bonnke
    My soul is rejoicing of the mighty work of God and how you are allowing God to use you to make disciples. I rejoice with every soul that was present and gave thier lives to Christ. My heart longs to be able to take part in a crusade like this one and experience people giving thier lives to Christ, being delivered, being healed, being set free. I would just love to personally be a part of that. That is what I have longed for to see people come to Christ under the anionting of the Holy Spirit. To see the manefestation and supenatural works of the Lord.

    You and Dan are such real people for God and I rejoice in seeing God use the both of you. To have read your testimony and just know that same God can do it for me as well; gives me hope. I have recieved my healing through your prayers and I thank you for the prayers of the righteous. I love you guys and are keeping you in prayer.
    Hope you will soon bring that fresh wave of anointing to the maryland/ DC area.

    Be Blessed

  • This is the first time I have attended such an event and it was absolutely amazing. I served as an altar worker both nights,observing many God miracles. God Bless this ministry. AMERICA WILL BE SAVED!

  • I am so humbled to have been able to serve this past weekend. The message was simple and bears witness to my very own teaching. I cried as the people gave the heart to Christ. I will continue to pray and lift up Evangelist Rheinhard Bonnke and the entire crusade staff. The staff is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and VERY professional. I thank God I was able to be there.

  • Both nights were amazing! Thank you for coming to Houston. I saw first hand the effects of the gospel message preached by both Evangelists Bonnke and Kolenda. People around me were mesmerized, weeping, shaking, and jumping up and down. The message was so pure and simple that no one could deny its power, and Houston saw a huge harvest from that power. Jesus Culture was incredible too and set the tone for the crusade. And the massive number of people healed instantly still gives me chills. Please come back soon. Houston loves you!

  • It was indeed wonderful & exciting to hear Evs. Bonnke & Kolenda. What a thrill it was to witness Jesus save, deliver & heal in massive numbers. We praise Him for America is truly being Saved! I’m believing God for no less than a National Revival in the land. Hallelujah!

  • We were at The National Ladies Retreat in Columbus with Rachel Burchfield and prayed for the crusade before we started our conference. We knew that God was going to do a mighty work. Please keep me updated so that I can pass this along.


  • So encouraging to see these pictures and see what God is doing! He IS moving here in America, and people are waking up to the truth of who God is, that He is the same yesterday, today and forever! Thank you God for your anointing on these leaders, I pray your protection over them and their families, and that you will continue pouring your Spirit out through them and bringing many thousands of people to a saving knowledge of your son, Jesus Christ. May the next crusade be even bigger, may they just keep growing and growing, with more souls saved each time!

  • I thank God for connecting with this ministry, I was in Prayer for something’s in my life to happen this week, and I know the LORD GOD has done that for me. Also I was standing up for a man who has prostate cancer, and another one with kidney problem. And I know God has done that.
    My first miracle that I saw was when Eve. Reinhard Bonnke came to KENYA in the 80’s. We were watching it live on a Saturday afternoon, during prayers for healing, my mum was believing God for my sisters healing. I had never seen something like that before, I saw my sisters eyes which had a condition change. My sister was getting swellings from one eye to another. But that day she got totally healed. What a Miracle, till this day it rings in my mind I want to see God use me this way. Amen

  • As a volunteer altar worker, my life will never be the same. I witnessed the Body of Christ working together all nationalities all colors of people on one accord. It was totally awesome. It has open my life to higher heights in the Lord. Saturday night was unbelievable. The anointing was so heavy. I had to look up to see the sky,because it seemed like we were in a roofed Stadium. I was healed of a headache as soon as I stepped to the altar. Thank you Gospel Crusade. For His Glory. Minister Priscilla Williams.

  • Praise Jesus what an awesome God we serve.
    I thank God particularly for His grace on the evangelist. My parents and other inhabitants of Kumba in Cameroon recounts what God achieved through the evangelist in the 1980s in Kumba today he is still marching on.What a grace! I glorify Jesus for his life.

    I am trusting God to stand in th gap for the Chicago Crusade in June and Cameroon in March.Thank you Holy Spirit

  • Sir,i want to get out of finnancial trap now in Jesus Name.l am born again let His miraculous hand tourch me now in Jesus name.

  • I have been looking for a phone number that I can call to restart our One Soul monthly contribution. Someone tried to get into our banking accounts so we had them changed. Thought everything previous was changed along with this, but did not. I am not sending my banking info through the mail on a card. Please send me a number that I can call so we can get started again asap. God Bless

    • Hi Olin,

      Sorry for your troubles. We definitely don’t want you to send any banking information through the mail. :)

      You can contact us at 1-888-800-2767, and we’ll be glad to help you change your OneSoul information.

      Thanks for your support!

  • I attended the two days crusade in Houston and it was my great privilege to serve as an alter worker. From all that I saw, God never ceases to amaze me! I doff my hat for the remarkable organizational skills exhibited by the RBGC staff all through the planning and execution of the crusade. And did God move? Yea, not in small measure. That so many would come to attend the crusade under such threatening weather condition and stay through and see so many saved is a loud testimony to the power of God to answer the prayer of His servants. One cannot but see the connection between the flood of prayers that birthed this crusade and the remarkable success it turned out to be. The volunteers from different denominations came together as one and served so joyfully and sacrificially. No wonder, God so graciously honored that gathering with so much salvation of souls, healing of all kinds of sicknesses and afflictions right there before our eyes. Thank God for the unique ministrations of Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda. They were most outstanding and remarkable. I have seen Reinhard Bonnke and participated in his crusades in Lagos Nigeria in the ’80s; he remains as fiery and undeterred as ever. I pray that the Lord will never cease to renew your strength and your vision and America Shall Be Saved!

  • This was also my first crusade. I’m really speechless,I will never forget this experience. My husband and I volunteered as altar workers. Jesus was there. We would like to Thank everyone that obeys God and for coming to Houston,Texas.

  • What a privilege to attend this crusade and directly witness Jesus calming the weather storm, saving the lost, and healing the sick. When Reinhard’s autobiography was first published, i sat across the table at a banquet from a lady who out of the blue told me that I needed to buy the book because it was life changing. I did and couldn’t put it down. The principles shared from Reinhard’s story are amazing and I’ve repeated them to many people. The style of writing was captivating and the early and unchanging call on Reinhard’s life was a story straight out of the Old Testament – like Joseph or Samuel.

    To understand Reinhard’s unswerving devotion to his Lord and then to finally see him preaching at 74 years of age and witness the love for souls and for his Savior brought tears to my eyes. His visage was kind and his message was entreating and engaging. A Buddhist man we brought accepted Jesus. My wife received the beginning of healing in her eyes from Retinitis Pigmentosa. And then to see John Bisagno of Houston First Baptist give a call for Pray Houston from the pulpit of the Reinhard Crusade ushered in a time of unity for all who follow Jesus in Houston, Texas and beyond.

  • This is awesome news! Because of personal circumstances I wasn’t able to partake in this marvelous move of God,but my heart and prayers was there. I’m so grateful to see the move of God moving across America. I will continue to pray for cfan as God move you through the nation to spread the good news of Jesus.

  • It was an honor to serve on the Altar Team, I am seeing a change in my husband. It has changed his life seeing are hearing about people being healed. We serve a mighty God. Thank You for coming to Houston and giving us the opportunity to be part of what God is doing in America. We will continue to pray that you have a bigger turn out in Chicago, and more people receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

  • Very first time I have attend Reinhard Bonnke gospel crusade as a Alter worker as well as participant. I like the way it was organized and prayer mobilized and I had seen huge no of teen and youth participated and committed their life for Christ. It was amazing and glory to God.
    We need such meetings in some frequency. May God bless the Christ For All Nation ministry and the whole team. God Bless You all.

  • It was amazing to witness the power of God at work in Houston. America will be saved! Praying this crusade comes to Toronto Canada…..so Canada can be saved too!!!

  • Since moving to Houston 3 years ago from Arizona, I have been witnessing a move of God on the hearts of His people through unusual and unlikely situations and people. There are truly many spiritual, praying warriors Alive and well in the city, Having Reinhard Bonnke here is yet one more confirmation that God is doing great things in our great city with yet
    More to come. Baruch Ha Shem, Mo Higgins

  • I volunteered for the altar worker but did not have the transportation to attend. I began the fast the 1st of January as a seed offering for the yearly harvest then I did fast and pray for the service for the total 15 days of the crusade. I have been praising God for the outcome. You see some plowed the field, some planted the seed but God gave the increase. Father knows best.

  • I had the privilege and honor to serve Friday and Saturday as Altar Worker with a friend from church, and we were so bless with what we see, the mighty move of the Holy Spirit through evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda, I praise the Lord for the Harvest in our city. MAY THE LORD RICHLY BLESS YOU.

  • I worked as an alter worker for both Friday and Saturday. This crusade was bathed in many prayers for several years. Friday night there was tremendous warfare in the spirit. God moved and there was definitely a lot of spiritual opposition. Saturday, we got breakthrough, and what a difference. The weather, the worship, the impact, thousands of salvations and hundreds of miracles, not to mention thousands filled with the Holy Spirit.

    Reinhard Bonkke’s Crusade gift to Houston- Unity in the Spirit of 400+ churches. Keep the fire going and continue to pray for one another in a Spirit of Unity and the Bond of Peace. This is just the beginning.

    Revelation to me from Daniel Kolinda: 2Chron 7:14. A common and quoted passage. I never saw that America’s destiny is not based on the heathen and unrighteousness, but on the believers. If MY PEOPLE (believers) who are called by my name HUMBLE themselves and PRAY, and SEEK my face and TURN from their WICKED ways, then I WILL HEAR from heaven, will FORGIVE their SINS, AND HEAL THEIR LAND.(nas). GOD’S desire is to HEAL America. 1. Humility. 2, Prayer, 3. Seek, 4. Repent. Believers unite on this and we will see the redemption of America. Do not curse what God desires to bless.

  • God has never stopped amazing me!!! My life is a testimony of His great love and compassion, His goodness
    and His faithfulness. I have known that He will again and again show His mighty power, transforming the lives of many people.

    I thank God for what had transpired at the gospel crusade in Houston, Texas and for sending to us His faithful servants, Evangelists R. Bonnke and D. Kolenda. It has made a great impact among the churches here and I believe it will have a rippling effect to the rest of America.

    I also declare, “America shall be saved!” to the glory of our God in heaven.

  • I worked as an alter worker and I was in awe on Friday but Saturday was something i couldn’t even describe without getting chills. I try not to watch the news because they want us to see race/religious wars, i witnessed people of all races & denominations come together singing and praising. All i can say is we serve a mighty GOD and this is how he would want us to be amongst each other!

  • I stood by a woman as she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, her experience was so unique, its like she was transported completely out of that arena. God manifested Himself so powerfully on those two days that I do honestly believe that America Shall Be Saved!

    I am so glad and grateful to God for giving me an opportunity to serve during this crusade. I can only pray that God will continue to honor His gifts in the lives of Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda. I also pray that God will empower them to be faithful to their callings unto the last days of their lives.

    May the souls saved on that crusade ground be fully established the Lord.

  • I have never heard the gospel preached with such simplicity, clarity and Holy Ghost Fire. It was amazing.
    Both Evangelist Bonke and Daniel and the entire team worked in unity and God commanded great blessings.
    I was touched especially by young people who gave their lives to Jesus.
    May the fire continue burning in our City – Houston, Texas. I thank God for the opportunity to serve as an Altar worker.

  • The first time Iread about the success of these crusades my soul was filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory! ! I had been praying and prophesying of this! I am recovering from a stroke or I would also come and work as an alter worker. To do so sounds gloryous! ! I can not praise God enough for what He is doing!! When I was working I used to send financial support for the crusades in Africa and wish I could now for theUS. May God continue to pour out His blessings on this amazing evangelistic effort. It is the only hope for our nation. May it result in another Great Awakening! ! I will continue my prayers even more than before.

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